about us



We are always implementing new ideas, combining our passions with the greatest technological achievements of mankind.

Continuous development

our heads are constantly teeming with ideas, and we don’t wait long to implement them. This makes us and everyone around us constantly evolve.


We bring people from the world of dance together to develop the dance industry and popularize dance.

As it was

It all started in 2019, when AirDance founders Joanna Wargala and Volodymyr Sharapov danced their first ProAm tournament in Assen, the Netherlands, and immediately enjoyed great success.


Since then, they have understood that they want to do great things together that require a lot of dedication, hard work, training day and night. Through a busy schedule and sometimes extreme training times, it was hard to find a suitable dance hall and adjust to its schedule.


So naturally came the decision to create its own hall, which also became a creative space for many Polish dancers. That’s how AirDance Academy came to be.


which today is called AirDance Space, which better reflects everything we do here.


The desire for continuous development and constant access to the world’s best trainers contributed to the creation of the AirDance App, which broadcasts live dance lessons and gathers the world’s largest archive of knowledge.


Yes, AirDance Space has become a unique workspace for all dancers, where training and dance festivals are constantly taking place, where innovation, passion for dance and access to exceptional training staff are at the root of the industry’s best projects.

Our space inspires us to create new ambitious projects in the world of dance and sometimes beyond



Believing that everyone is a dancer, we began to create a dance metaversum and a move-to-earn game. The idea is to create a realistic 3D world dedicated to dance, related physical activity and self-development. The game will offer a variety of modes, challenges and activities with motion tracking, VR and AR technologies. It will also have its own internal economy based on blockchain technology and native token, allowing players to truly own elements of the game.

airdance exchange

A global network of stationary cryptocurrency exchange offices based on Kanga Exchange with more than 350 offices around the world. After we introduced DANCE tokens, a cryptocurrency for dancers, we decided to open our own exchange offices to facilitate crypto transactions and engage our dance community in the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Airdance app

A dance app offering live streaming and access to an archive of more than 1,500 online dance classes taught by some 50 of the world’s greatest dancers and teachers: Michael Malitowski, Joanna Leunis, Maurizio Vescovo, Carolyn Smith, Viktor Nikovsky, Dmitriy Zharkov and Olga Kulikova, Kristina Moshenskaya and Marius-Andrei Balan and many others. We have subscribers from more than 80 countries.

everything to dance

Online and stationary store with a wide selection of dance shoes, the most fashionable workout outfits and beautiful dance accessories for professionals or amateurs both adults and children. We ship worldwide products from such reputable companies as Aidа, Ray Rose, Capezio, Intermezzo, Sansha and many others.

christmas ball

With dancers from all over the world in mind, we are happy to invite them to impressive events where they can show off their skills: we organize world championships in ballroom dancing in Warsaw under the auspices of the World Dance Organization (WDO), as well as congresses, camps, workshops with the best teachers in the world. Check our website for upcoming events.